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Your Guide To A Miami Winter

Posted by admin on February 7, 2018
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While we may not be huddled inside our homes next to a cozy fireplace with negative temperatures and a wind chill that makes our faces numb, we do experience a change in weather during our Miami Winters. The humid atmosphere melts away and a comfortable 70 something degrees sets in. All of those activities that you wanted to take part in over the summer, but knew you would be sweating through suddenly seem more desirable. Not to mention, you know when you leave your home your hair won’t succumb to the humidity and will maintain its style all day!

So, what do we have on the list?

  1. Worth Every Calorie Cinnamon Rolls

    We may not have the luxury of wearing sweaters during our winter months to hide those few extra pounds, but if you’re going to splurge Knaus Berry Farm has the best homemade cinnamon rolls and strawberry shakes you’ve ever tasted. Just make sure you arrive early because being in such high-demand means they tend to run out before the days end. From November-April Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead is the spot for delicious baked goods and fresh produce. You can even pick your own strawberries and tomatoes.

  2. Calling All Art Lovers

    The ever popular Wynwood Walls are at the heart of the district with continuously changing artwork and are a charming way to spend a winter evening. At 6pm on the second Saturday of each month you can enjoy a block party with gallery hopping, food trucks, and local vendors.

  3. Tis The Season Of Sweat-free Outdoor Dining

    Whether it’s happy hour along the Miracle Mile’s new promenade, lunch along Lincoln Road or PAMM’s Cucuyo, a new cocoon-shaped café, a fusion of art and culinary expertise located outside the museum. You will want to absorb all the outdoor time you can and it’s the perfect time of year for a picnic in Museum Park.

  4. Find Your Zen

    If you’re a yogi you will love the abundance of outdoor yoga available to you all over Miami. The yoga will feel a little less like Bikram without the summer heat. Explore Bayfront Park, Museum ParkPeacock Park and check out 3rd Street Beach Yoga all with a very broad schedule.

  5. Take A Hike! (literally not figuratively)
    Florida collectively has 5,000 miles of hiking trails many of which are in the South Florida region. Venture out on Bear Cut Preserve situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne. This sliver of natural oceanfront in Miami boasts both hiking and bike paths. Also explore Secret Woods Nature Center, designated as the first “urban wilderness area” in Florida in 1978. It protects a 56-acre floodplain of cypress strand and mangroves with uplands of tropical hammock. For more hiking trails view the Florida Hikes interactive map.

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