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Why Sell With The Brissi Group?

Team Introduction Presentation

Strength In Numbers:

Buyers are everywhere, and exposure to as many outlets as possible is key. Through our public and exclusive strategic partnerships, EWM Realty International listings are showcased in over 200 countries and territories around the world and made available on more than 597 global websites. Through ProxioPro’s Global MLS, our listings appear in more than 19 languages and 56 currencies to more than 800,000 associates around the globe.

Buyers Search On The Web:

We live in a digital age where virtually anything can be found online. Real estate has been searchable online now for more than a decade. Different generations behave differently in terms of the degree of online home searches, but one thing remains consistent: the number of people starting their home search online is growing…daily.

Price Right. Sell Fast.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Your initial market price is critical to creating an effective strategy and will set the tone for how the marketplace will judge your property. A home that is priced correctly will attract more potential buyers, minimizing the length of time it remains on the market.