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Why relocate with The Brissi Group?

At The Brissi Group we understand moving is a multi-step process that is time consuming, but when you work with us we simplify the process for you, ensuring a flawless move so that you are able to settle in to your new home smoothly. Members of our team can easily relate to relocating. Some of us have moved here from other countries, moved all around the Midwest and moved across the country. It is always comforting to know you have a team in your corner planning and executing your move, ready to answer all of your questions and concerns. Moving is a big change and we want you to leave the details to us.

What the initial thought of relocating can feel like…..

What the thought of relocating will feel like after you talk to The Brissi Group!


Why We Are Known As The Sunshine State:

Any day you can walk or jog along the beach and swim in blue-green waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Miami: A Cultural Epicenter 

Principal city of the largest metro-area in Florida, Miami is known for its rich heritage and many cultural influences. It is nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America” because of its high population of Spanish-speakers.

Which Neighborhood Best Suits Your Lifestyle?

Miami-Dade Schools

Miami-Dade schools rate among the nation’s best.

  • Home to seven of the top 100 high schools in the country
  • Ranked 22 nationwide out of more than 20,000 public high schools, including both traditional public schools and charters.
  • Miami-Dade also cleaned up in the state rankings, taking four of the top 10 slots in Florida
  • “The rankings are based on graduation rates, reading and math scores on state standardized tests — including how low-income and minority students fared in comparison to the state average — and the number of students taking college-level Advanced Placement courses and scoring well on the accompanying tests. The U.S. News ranking did not include private schools.”
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Time to Save

  • Zero state income tax. That’s right, if Miami is your primary residence you are only required to pay federal taxes.
  • Property taxes- Around 2%, depending upon the city in which you reside. Average sales price of an existing single-family home in Miami-Dade is $305,000.
  • Homestead Exemption- State law allows Florida homeowners to claim up to a $50,000 Homestead Exemption on their primary residence. Homestead Exemption states an annual maximum home appreciation of 3%, meaning that even if your home appreciates by 15% you will only pay additional tax of the 3% with a Homestead Exemption. For more information on Homestead Exemption please visit In asset protection planning the Florida Homestead Exemption protects a Florida resident’s primary home from judgments and creditors according to Article X, Section 4 of the Florida Constitution. You can read additional information here.
  • The state corporate tax is 5.5% and it ranks 5th in the U.S. News & World Report Index. The absence of major taxes (individual income, corporate or sales) is a big driver of the high ranking and is often attractive for prospective business site selection.
  • Florida Power & Light- Energy bills are going down in Florida and are actually 30% below the national average. The national monthly average for an electrical bill is $139.86. A typical monthly Florida Power & Light (FPL) bill is $99.37.

Miami: America’s City of the Future

Choices for Buyers:

  • Brands- international brands are catching on to the energy of what is happening in Miami and many are developing first-in-the-world residential projects here including Porsche, Aston Martin, Fendi, Armani/CASA, Missoni, Pininfarina, and more.
  • Starchitects – Miami has projects by the hottest names in the architecture world including Rem Koolhaas, Bjarke Ingels, Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, Cesar Pelli, Herzog and de Meuron, and more.

Growth Highlights:

  • Miami metro is currently the 8th largest in the U.S. and is projected to surpass Philadelphia and Washington D.C. to be #6 by 2020.
  • 45% of all new immigrants to Florida move to the Miami metro. 25% to Miami-Dade County, 12% to Broward County, and 8% to Palm Beach County.
  • #2 City for Millennials attracting them through job growth, robust tourism and entrepreneurship.
  • PortMiami is #1 for passenger traffic in the U.S.
  • To capitalize on the growth in international trade made possible by the Port expansion, more than 9 million square feet of new industrial space has been delivered to the market in the last 3 years.
  • Miami is home to more than 1,400 multinational headquarters and 77 foreign consulates.
  • Miami is the 2nd largest hub of international banking in the U.S., dubbed “the Financial District of Latin America.”

Miami Airports:

  • Miami International Airport (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) are 2 of the fastest growing airports in the world.
  • MIA is served by 106 airlines, the largest number of airlines servicing a single U.S. airport.
  • Over the past 5 years, the 2 airports have launched a total of 77 new destinations with 59 of those being international.
  • Miami has become more than just the “Gateway to the Americas” and is now truly a global gateway.
  • Both airports are focusing on improving infrastructure with shortened wait-times for Customs, new concourses, and extensive renovations.
  • FLL alone is investing $2.3 billion in infrastructure before 2020.
  • MIA ranked among the top 10 best run airports in North America, coming in at #7.
  • MIA is the #1 airport in the country for international cargo and #2 for international passenger traffic.

Asia Expansion in Miami:

  • The percentage of Chinese buyers in South Florida has doubled since 2012 making it the #4 market in the U.S. for Asian investment.
  • Plans announced for Americas-Asia Trade Center & International Financial Center
    • 1st phase includes 4.68 million square feet of space on 8.5 acres
    • 2nd phase with more than 15 acres of development and final plans to be determined.